We will be reliable and responsive in our attention to your business. We are here to give you what you want – action and results.

Our Service to You

We will meet our promise to you by providing timely, effective and cost efficient advice and service. Our lawyers and staff have specifically developed their practice systems so that :

  • Our advice is aimed at putting you in a position where you can make informed and practical decisions.
  • We take pride in the fact that we are often able to avoid costly court action. A knowledge of the law is not enough, and a court battle is not necessarily the most effective way of achieving the desired end.
  • Your matter is strictly confidential.
  • No lawyer at GBC Law works alone. While one lawyer always has responsibility for a matter, he or she has the advantage of being able to draw on the talents and experience of others in the firm.

Protection for you

Most surprises involving law are unpleasant. If you discuss your situation with us in a timely manner, we may be able to help you avoid some of those surprises. For example, did you know that when you marry, any existing Will is automatically cancelled? Did you know that living with someone may create rights for for the other party against you or your estate? Did you know that anything you say to a police officer may be used as evidence against you?

Loss prevention and mitigation of damages is best dealt with as early as possible.

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